What are the application criteria?

Goal of the grant

The Global Health Journalism Grant Programme is a quality journalism funding project operated by the European Journalism Centre. The grant programme aims to advance innovative reporting on global health topics in developing countries. 

The grants are worth €10,000 and the programme is exclusively open to freelancers.

Applications are presently closed, but another call will most likely come up in 2018!


Your story pitch is the most important part of the application
Projects submitted are required to deal with global health and provide a link to Germany in their stories. The reporting should be connected to Germany’s global health policies or the activities of either health-related German government organisations or NGOs on the ground.
The original reporting has to be produced in the German language and published in German media. A minimum of one “Letter of Intent” from a relevant media outlet is required, with an editor confirming the commitment to publish or air the proposed reporting project. Less relevant media outlets in Germany or media organisations outside Germany are most welcome for supplemental dissemination. 

Country Focus

The projects must take place in one or several developing countries or Least Developed Countries (LDCs), excluding the countries from the former Yugoslav Republic, former Soviet Union countries, China and countries covered by a US embargo (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria).

Editorial Approach

Grantees should produce a series of projects or a cluster. The topic of health and the description of health care in the developing countries should be put in the broader context of development cooperation, political stability, migration and international relations. We strongly support the coverage of underreported health topics. 
All projects must provide in-depth information of relevance related to global health beyond the limitations of daily news cycles. They are required to address by theme, style, and presentation the general public.
Ideally, your story should be designed to have an impact - on the media audiences and the society in Germany, its political decision makers and/or on those in the countries you report about. The reported issues are intended to enhance a better understanding about the interrelation of public health and the political, social and economic stability in developing countries.

Who is eligible?

Only freelance journalists are eligible to apply for this grant.
The freelancers should be experienced in reporting on the topics of health, science or development and need to publish in relevant* German media.
Journalists using multiple platforms are strongly encouraged to apply. The story should be innovative in topic, angle, approach and format. As such we encourage investigative and data journalism, data visualisation, video and multimedia production and the application of social media in the dissemination. Nevertheless, traditional reporting projects are also eligible. 
There are no citizenship or residence requirements, as long as your project is produced and published in German and the media outlets you will report for are German, too.
Applicants are encouraged to show deep engagement and collaboration with local reporters on the ground.

* A relevant media outlet is considered to be one of the following: a broadcaster with at least broad regional reach; a mainstream print magazine or newspaper; a print trade publication or specialist magazine of particular influence as a multiplier; a website of significant reach and audience; an electronic format such as a mobile application; or a contribution to an existing app – with demonstrable potential to reach a large audience.

What we fund

Freelance journalists may apply for a grant of maximum €10,000. 

The sum of €10,000 should cover the freelancer’s fees and the costs for the production of the project, including translation, equipment rental, insurance, multimedia production, etc.
Travel expenses outside Germany can be requested on top of the flat sum. Grantees will be required to provide receipts for each of these travel expenses. Travel within Germany needs to be covered from the allocated stipend and will not be additionally reimbursed. Grantees can however request additional flexible on­-demand budget for travel expenses outside Germany (outside a cross-border radius of 100 Kilometers) and technical support as needed and justified from a journalistic perspective.
Grants include all and any taxes for which the grantees may be liable, and grantees are responsible for their own tax declarations.
We also encourage freelancers to claim fees from the media outlets publishing their projects and may keep all such revenue.