Bayerischer Rundfunk



Bayerischer Rundfunk is a public-service radio and television broadcaster, based in Munich, the capital of the state of Bavaria in southern Germany. BR is a member organization of the ARD consortium of public broadcasters in Germany.

Affiliated grantees

Funded projects

Let Us See!

Why a good sight is crucial - and how it could be achieved for everybody.

Fighting Africa‘s Brain Drain

The loss of qualified healthcare workers is threatening Africa‘s population. In a TV documentary and radio features, this project describes how German NGO’s are fighting against the current brain drain in Ghana.

Prostheses - What Changes Does 3D Technology Bring?

There are 30 million people in need of articifical limbs – can 3D technology help change the situation?

Measles Eradication

Mass immunisation campaigns have been successful in eradicating measles entirely. Even African countries like Tanzania reach a high percentage of the population with the first vaccination shot.