De Groene

the Netherlands


De Groene Amsterdammer is the oldest independent weekly and dates back to 1877. It was founded as a weekly for trade, industry and arts. Apart from the five years under German occupation between 1940 and 1945 when the weekly ceased to exist, De Groene has maintained its financial independence. De Groene Amsterdammer is nowadays the last weekly that is not part of a bigger publishing house. De Groene Amsterdammer these days is follows a social liberal stance, based on trust in the rule of law of the parliamentary democracy in the Netherlands. It provides deep analysis of international developments in politics, economics and arts. De Groene Amsterdammer is focused on social and cultural engaged citizens. De Groene Amsterdammer has a readership among academic or highly educated people, professionals, media and journalism, the public decision makers in local and national government public servants in health and education as well as arts.

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Travelling with Patient Zero: Ebola in Congo

This project examines the success of Ebola response actors and communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and finds out how they stopped the spread of the highly infectious disease.