Deutschlandfunk (DLF), launched in 1962, is a German public broadcasting radio station, broadcasting national news and current affairs. Deutschlandfunk's headquarters are located in Cologne and its programming schedules are largely made up of news and documentaries, covering politics, economics and science.

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Funded projects

While women die - How a global anti-abortion movement worsens the dramatic abortion situation in Nigeria

According to the WHO, Nigeria accounts for almost twenty percent of global maternal deaths, one reason being: unsafe abortions.

Secret Rescue - Remote research on West African island helps to stop international diseases

The remote conditions of some West African islands lead to specific health problems but research there helps to not only stop local but international diseases.

How climate change shapes healthcare issues

The journalist will follow Bangladesh scientists to villages to explore the health effects of climate change, examining soil and freshwater quality, waterborne diseases, and access to healthcare.

The biggest killer

Seventy percent of the 8 million new cancer cases annually are diagnosed in developing countries. But so far, little has been done to fight this epidemic. This project will show the urgency of the matter and how it could be addressed.

The snakebite emergency

Up to 140,000 people worldwide die from snakebites every year. As the global health community begins to wrestle with this neglected tropical disease, the journalists will explore if the tiny kingdom of eSwatini might offer solutions.

Hope and hurdles - drugs are not enough to fight MDR tuberculosis

This investigation will show how science, the social setting and changes in funding interact in unexpected ways in the fight against tuberculosis in Mozambique and Belarus.

How to kill a virus?

The fight to eradicate Polio is about to suffer a serious setback, as the international community is negotiating the terms of what might amount to the handing back of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Your Money or your Life?

Health technology is becoming better - and more expensive. For the vast majority of patients worldwide, advanced healthcare is simply not affordable. This project shows solutions from India and Germany that make health care accessible.

Tuberculosis In India

Tuberculosis (TB) is a major health problem in India. The "German Doctors" are fighting the disease in the slums of Kolkata. This reporting project explores the efforts to stop TB by means of new drugs and better access to healthcare.