Deutschlandradio (DLR or DRadio) is a national German public radio broadcaster. It operates four national networks: Deutschlandfunk: mainly news and information, Deutschlandfunk Kultur: culture in a broader sense, Deutschlandfunk Nova: aimed at young adults, mainly spoken-word, Dokumente und Debatten: opt-out channel, often for special event. Deutschlandfunk was originally a West German news radio targeting listeners within West Germany as well as in neighbouring countries, East Germany and the rest of the communist block, whereas Deutschlandradio Kultur is the result of a merger of West Berlin's RIAS station and East Berlin's DS Kultur after German reunification.

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Poisonous Lead

In Sub-Saharan Africa, lead poisoning is currently one of the most severe industry-related health hazards.

The Alternative War on Drugs

Silicosis - The Silent Killer

Silicosis is a lethal lung disease caused by harmful silica-containing dusts. The project will investigate how it attacks workers in Indian mines from where stones are sold as kitchen plates, cobblestones or tombstones in Germany.