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At the Battlefront of Birth

The Alternative War on Drugs

Prostheses - What Changes Does 3D Technology Bring?

There are 30 million people in need of articifical limbs – can 3D technology help change the situation?

Emergency Medicine In Haiti

After Hurricane “Matthew”, the deficits of Haiti’s emergency medical system stood out starkly. One year later, what has changed ? News coverage tends to ignore underlying reasons as well as ongoing efforts to improve the situation.

Measles Eradication

Mass immunisation campaigns have been successful in eradicating measles entirely. Even African countries like Tanzania reach a high percentage of the population with the first vaccination shot.

Fistula, A Life In Shame

​Millions of women in Africa are suffering from vesicovaginal or rectovaginal fistula mostly because they have no access to appropriate health care or are victims of rape as a weapon of war. Fistula is a disease that confines women to