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The Guardian is a unique news organisation with journalistic content that can be found across a range of different platforms. With a highly distinctive, open approach to publishing on the web, part of Guardian News & Media’s digital-first strategy, it now reaches a global audience of tens of millions. Edited by Alan Rusbridger, the Guardian is internationally recognised for the quality and independence of its reporting and its groundbreaking digital innovation. It is regularly voted best newspaper site in the world and was recently named newspaper of the year. Its collaboration with WikiLeaks, pursuit of the phone-hacking scandal and revelations about the surveillance programs carried out by the US National Security Agency have cemented its reputation for being at the heart of the biggest stories. Guardian writers are free to present the truth as they see it, without interference by shareholders, a proprietor or a political party. As a result the Guardian is a byword for serious, trusted, independent journalism. The Guardian grew from regional roots in Manchester to become a major national newspaper. Now, with a digital-first philosophy and an international audience, it is among the leading news organisations in the world.

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