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Name Job title Projects Country
Freelance Journalist based in Vienna 1 Austria, Germany
Journalist, Photographer, Video Producer 1 Germany
Journalist 1 Germany
Freelance Journalist 1 Germany
Freelance Journalist 1 Germany
1 Austria
Journalist, Film-maker 1 Germany
Julia Gross Picture
Julia Gross
Science Journalist 1 Germany
Journalist 1
Journalist, author 1 Germany
Journalist 1 Haiti
Photojournalist 1 Germany, UK, Spain
Journalist 1 India
Ute Lederer Picture
Ute Lederer
GEO magazine
Illustrator 1 Germany
Nicole Macheroux-Denault Picture
Nicole Macheroux-Denault
RTL Television
Journalist, Researcher, Camera Woman, Editor 1 South Africa
Martina Merten Picture
Martina Merten
Deutsches Ärzteblatt
Healthcare Journalist, Reporter, Healthcare Lecturer 1 Germany
Journalist 1 Germany
Journalist 1 Germany
photographer, cameraman 1 Germany
Columnist and social researcher 1 Kenya
Journalist 1 Germany
Moritz Pompl Picture
Moritz Pompl
Bayerischer Rundfunk
Journalist 1 Germany
Photographer/Videographer 1 Tanzania
Ahmed Sesay Picture
Ahmed Sesay
Stern Magazin
Journalist 1 Germany

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