Christian Nusch



Christian Nusch is a photographer, cameraman and producer with a focus on India, Latin America and East Africa. He studied film and fine arts at the Friedrich Alexander Universität Nürnberg and the HDK Bremen. Since then he is working on TV-projects for ARTE, SAT1, WDR and ARD. His photography was published in WELT AM SONNTAG, BRANDEINS, GEOLINO, SPIEGEL ONLINE and various other print- and online-media. His illustrated books "Eine Reise durch Uruguay", "Weltreisen mit Kind" and "Indien-der Süden" are published by the STÜRTZ VERLAG.

Funded projects

Your Money or your Life?

Health technology is becoming better - and more expensive. For the vast majority of patients worldwide, advanced healthcare is simply not affordable. This project shows solutions from India and Germany that make health care accessible.

How Failed Public Healthcare Systems Can Be Replaced

This series of radio features casts a spotlight on the state of healthcare systems in developing countries and has a closer look on possible solutions.

The biggest killer

Seventy percent of the 8 million new cancer cases annually are diagnosed in developing countries. But so far, little has been done to fight this epidemic. This project will show the urgency of the matter and how it could be addressed.