Dirk Gilson



Dirk Gilson is a freelance journalist and film-maker based in Cologne, Germany. He has a Masters degree in Biology and worked for different print and online media before focusing on public television. Dirk has a passion for science, environmental and development journalism and has been directing documentaries and multimedia projects for national and international media outlets (e.g. WDR, Arte, Al Jazeera English) since 2007.

Shooting a documentary in a slum in Kenya in 2013, he met people who told him that many girls and women there cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. This leads to infections and girls missing school and in their need they even sell themselves for money to buy sanitary pads. Doing some research he found that approximately one billion girls and women worldwide are affected and that media coverage of this severe problem is very poor. That was when he started his project Breaking Menstrual Taboos.

With his new project Drones in Africa - The Next Big Thing? he wants to find out if the large-scale use of non-military drones could save lives and the environment in Africa.

Funded projects

Fighting Fake Medicines in Africa

In our project we will investigate the prevalence of fake medicines in Africa with focus on Kenya and Cameroon.

Sharing the Unbearable

What women and children who escaped the captivity of the ISIS had to go through leaves too many of them traumatised.