Katharina Nickoleit



Katharina Nickoleit is a freelance journalist with focus on topics as globalisation, health, enviroment and education. For her coverage, broadcasted by the ARD, WDR and DEUTSCHLANDFUNK, she is regularly travelling Latin America, South- and Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Her radiofeature „Tote Mädchen brauchen keine Mitgift – Gewalt gegen Frauen in Indien“ was shortlisted for the Ulrich-Wickert-Medienpreis in 2015. Her feature „Die letzten Elefanten – Wilderei in Afrika“ won the "Umweltmedienpreis der Deutschen Umwelthilfe" in 2014 and her radiofeature „Verbotene Realität – wenn Kinder arbeiten“ was awarded the "Medienpreis der Kindernothilfe" in 2013.

Funded projects

Your Money or your Life?

Health technology and medicines are becoming better - and more expensive. For the vast majority of patients worldwide, advanced healthcare is simply not affordable.

How Failed Public Healthcare Systems Can Be Replaced

This series of radio features casts a spotlight on the state of healthcare systems in developing countries and has a closer look on possible solutions.