Malte Werner



Freelance Journalist and PhD Student (Hamburg University)

Used to work for news agency ddp/dapd back in the days. Went back to university to research the role of social media in the coverage of the Syrian war. Haven't finished that yet. But am about to. Got back on "Team Journalism" anyways. Now freelancing, mainly on science related issues, the future of journalism and beer. Recently worked for media outlets like Die Zeit and GEO.

Funded projects

Mongolia - A Tooth For A Tooth

​Health care is a universal right in Mongolia. But despite progress in the past decades especially the rural population, mainly herders leading a nomadic life, suffer from the shortcomings of the country’s healthcare system.

Sierra Leone's Burden: A Future Build Upon Trauma - and Resilience

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its future lies in the hands of a traumatized generation of former child soldiers and ebola orphans. Lots of them struggle with mental illnesses, only few previal.

The Children of Chiquimula

In Guatemala, severe malnutrition perpetuates one of the highest rates of stunted children in the world — and climate change is making the situation even worse.