Moritz Pompl



Moritz Pompl, born in Nuremberg, is a freelance journalist for TV and radio at the ARD/ Bayerische Rundfunk in Munich, Germany. He is mainly working for science and political magazines. From 2003 to 2010 he studied medicine in Heidelberg and Montpellier and wrote his PHD about worm infections in Tanzania. After his diploma he passed a two year long traineeship at ARD/ Bayerische Rundfunk and was working among others at the ARD Studio Buenos Aires. For his report about genetically modified soya and the assumed link to cancer mortality in Argentina, he won the Salus Medienpreis together with the team of ARD Report München in 2014.

Funded projects

Fighting Africa‘s Brain Drain

The loss of qualified healthcare workers is threatening Africa‘s population. In a TV documentary and radio features, this project describes how German NGO’s are fighting against the current brain drain in Ghana.

Let Us See!

Why a good sight is crucial - and how it could be achieved for everybody.