Nicole Macheroux-Denault

South Africa


Nicole Macheroux-Denault´s bio could be summarised like this:

Born in Essen, Germany in 1966, learnt to think in Teheran, Iran, completed communication studies and first radio and TV jobs in Australia, followed by a “home-run” in Germany for ZDF and RTL Television to finally end up on the African continent as a freelance correspondent for German mainstream media. Nicole Macheroux-Denault is currently based in South Africa, following several years in Kenya. She reports from a wide range of Sub-Sahara countries.

Funded projects

Malaria 2.0 - turning up the heat

Malaria: studies connected to global warming show that the slightest rise in temperature increases the risk of infection for millions of people

A World of Difference - The Dangers of Incomplete Genom Research

Current genetic research is dangerously incomplete or worse, mistaken. African, Asian or Hispanic populations are largely excluded from research for disease detection, prevention and treatment.

Untapped Knowledge

The knowledge of traditional healers remains greatly untapped. Co-operation between western scientist and African traditional healers "colleagues" is key to could potentially lead to the discovery of new treatment methods.