Nyani Quarmyne



Nyani Quarmyne is a freelance photographer whose work centers on global health, social justice, development, and the humanness we share. His commissioned work ranges from documenting famine in the Sahel, to grassroots connectivity efforts in Kyrgyzstan, to photographing CSR projects for global brands. His personal projects have included climate change, the living conditions and conditions of care of the mentally ill in West Africa, and an exploration of the lives of a small cloister of Orthodox Christian nuns in an abandoned valley in the Greater Caucasus mountains. His work has been published and exhibited around the world.

Multi-ethnic in origin and with a life that spans five continents, Nyani is in many ways most at home on the move. He is represented by Panos Pictures, and works around the world from a base in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In his past lives Nyani has been a guitarist, pilot, tech start-up director and over-paid corporate consultant. None of these occupations gave him the sense of purpose he feels as a photographer.

Funded projects

Life Without Kidneys: How ready is Africa for the imminent NCD crisis?

An exploration of the kind of innovative thinking that will be needed to address the WHO’s prediction that non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease will be the leading cause of death in Africa by 2030.

The snakebite emergency

Up to 140,000 people worldwide die from snakebites every year. As the global health community begins to wrestle with this neglected tropical disease, the journalists will explore if the tiny kingdom of eSwatini might offer solutions.