Petra Sorge



I am a freelance investigative journalist based in Berlin, Germany. I work part-time as responsible text editor for the weekly newspaper der Freitag.

My topics are politics, economics and the digital world, with special interest in migration, fair trade, health, and the changing business model of journalism. I also give lectures and work as host for panel discussions.

In 2016, I was a fellow of the Bosch foundation's program "Media Ambassador India-Germany" with The Indian Express in Delhi. Since then, I have returned to India quite often and will also investigate into the silicosis disease as part of the EJC's Global Health Grant project.

I studied journalism and political science in Leipzig.

Funded projects

Silicosis - The Silent Killer

Silicosis is a lethal lung disease caused by harmful silica-containing dusts. The project will investigate how it attacks workers in Indian mines from where stones are sold as kitchen plates, cobblestones or tombstones in Germany.

Poisonous Lead

In Sub-Saharan Africa, lead poisoning is currently one of the most severe industry-related health hazards.