Veronika Eschbacher



Veronika Eschbacher, 36, currently works as foreign correspondent for the US West Coast and Afghanistan. From August 2012 to spring 2016, she was an editor and reporter at the foreign desk of the daily „Wiener Zeitung“ in Vienna, Austria.

Veronika covers all aspects of Afghanistan including culture, politics, women, security issues and the economy. She has been visiting the country since 2009 on a regular basis, often for extended periods of time.

Her work has also appeared in the German "Zeit Online", the German daily „Die Welt“, „Berliner Zeitung“, or the German digital magazine „Deine Korrespondentin“ or the Austrian weekly „profil“ and others.

Funded project

The Lost Chicken

The mental health of Afghans has suffered greatly in 4 decades of conflict. However, today Afghans suffer as much being torn between conservatism and liberal ideas coming in via globalization, leading to severe psychological stress.