Volkart Wildermuth



Volkart Wildermuth was born on the 3rd of September 1962.

He studied Biochemistry in Tübingen and Berlin. At the same time he worked as a freelancer for the German public radio Südwestfunk covering regional stories.

After his Diploma in 1990 he concentrated on journalism, starting with a trainee program at the German public radio WDR.

As a freelancer he covered stories in Berlin until he focused on science journalism. His short reports and long documentaries are aired by several German public radios, including BR, DLF, DLR, SWR and WDR.

Volkart Wildermuth received several awards for his work including in 2009 the “Wilhelm und Ingeborg Roloff Preis“ (for a story on Tuberculosis “The poor die first”), the “Georg von Holtzbrinck Award for science journalism” in 2010, the journalism award of the DGPPN 2015 and 2018 the Media Prize of the “Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung” (For “Health for all” on TB and other health projects in Addis Abeba).

He is regularly employed to host panel discussion on scientific subjects and works as a media skill trainer for scientists.

Funded project

Hope and hurdles - drugs are not enough to fight MDR tuberculosis

This investigation will show how science, the social setting and changes in funding interact in unexpected ways in the fight against tuberculosis in Mozambique and Belarus.