Willice Onyango



Willice onyango has  written extensively for over five years ,prioritizing sustainable development policy and practices,with his columns published on the Huffington Post,The Star Newspaper(Kenya),The Standard Newspaper(Kenya),Open Democracy,and Prescouter Innovation Journal.

He is a  youth empowerment enthusiast having  previously served as youth representative to the Africa We Want Post 2015, Beyond 2015 Steering Committee , to the UN Secretary General appointed High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on Post 2015,and as a Youth Ambassador for Wateraid.Consequently,he has been invited to  speak at numerous conferences, including at the United Nations and World Bank Headquarters as well as the African Union.He is an alumni of the highly acclaimed One Young World and International Young Leaders Assembly.

During the  2017 Kenyan, elections he led the publication of the first ever Kenya Youth Manifesto as the chief author and convener.He has been a Fellow of Community Media  Programme at University of Brighton and China-Africa Reporting Project at the University of Witwatersrand.

Funded project

Fighting Fake Medicines in Africa

In our project we will investigate the prevalence of fake medicines in Africa with focus on Kenya and Cameroon.