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Name Job title Projects Country
Julia Amberger Picture
Julia Amberger
Reporter 2 Germany
Isaac Anyaogu Picture
Isaac Anyaogu
Der Spiegel
Journalist 1 Nigeria
Saidu Bah Picture
Saidu Bah
Freelance Multimedia Journalist 1 Sierra Leone
Nathalie Bertrams Picture
Nathalie Bertrams
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Journalist 1
Freelance Journalist based in Vienna 2 Austria, Germany
Journalist, Photographer, Video Producer 1 Germany
Journalist 1 Germany
Tobias Dammers Picture
Tobias Dammers
Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Freelance Journalist 1 Germany
Freelance Journalist 1 Germany
Mareike Enghusen Picture
Mareike Enghusen
Stern Magazin
Middle East Journalist 1
1 Austria
Ingrid Gercama Picture
Ingrid Gercama
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Journalist 1 Netherlands
Journalist, Film-maker 2 Germany
Julia Gross Picture
Julia Gross
Science Journalist 2 Germany
Florian Guckelsberger Picture
Florian Guckelsberger
Zenith Magazine
Reporter 1 Germany
Radio Producer 1 Ghana
Verena Hölzl Picture
Verena Hölzl
Deutsche Welle
Independent Journalist 1 Myanmar
Laurence Ivil Picture
Laurence Ivil
Der Spiegel
Journalist and Producer 1 Germany
Journalist 2
Journalist, author 1 Germany
Journalist 1 Haiti
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