• Health In Times Of War

    Breaking Laws, Saving Lives - The Illegal Doctors Of South Kordofan

In one of the most isolated places in Africa, the Nuba people have survived three decades of war. Using a multimedia approach the project will explore this conflict through the lens of a medical outpost run by the German Emergency Doctors (GED) despite humanitarian aid is banned in the region forcing them to operate illegally. The stories will delve into the challenges they face and the impact of war on the health of people and the political forces driving it.

When South Sudan and Sudan separated in 2011 the Nuba people found themselves on the northern side of the border. And with them 20,000 rebels of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army North (SPLM-N) who fought alongside the SPLM of South Sudan for separation from Sudan. Since then the government in Khartoum has been fighting the region in relentless bombing campaigns--often targeting civilians who they accuse of supporting the rebels.

The Nuba Mountains are an astonishing landscape with rocky, rolling mountains, open outcrops and patches of green. Since the war broke out, these mountains have become a home to the Nuba, providing refuge during airstrikes led by the Sudanese government. According to a UN report almost 1.6 million people are internally displaced from South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, the two conflict affected areas of Sudan.

Observers have documented that even medical facilities are under threat from the bombing, leaving only a few medical personnel in the region to operate.

The doctors who stayed struggle to get the essential medicine and equipment; vaccination campaigns are impossible because of government restrictions on aid. In addition the Famine Early Warning System has predicted a severe food crisis for 2017.

Medical facilities all over the world, in Syria, Yemen, Darfur, are getting targeted. So what do we do if aid is banned and facilities are bombed? How does the ban on humanitarian aid affect people working and living there?

Nuba Reports

German Emergency Doctors (GED; Cap Anamur)


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