Prostheses - What Changes Does 3D Technology Bring?


There are 30 million people in need of articifical limbs – can 3D technology help change the situation?

  • €15,872 Budget in Euros
  • 2017 Final release date
  • 2 Round winner
  • 2 Locations
  • 6 Durations in months

While in Germany a high-end prosthesis can cost thousands of Euros, it costs less than 200 Euros in developing countries. Injuries caused by traffic accidents are a major cause
of amputations in developing countries, besides diabetes, infections and

Only a small fraction of the people in need of prosthetic limbs can afford them – there are 30 million people worldwide in need of prostheses. This reporting project is investigating the opportunities for and pitfalls of 3D technology as it could be used to change this situation.

photo: Jessy is observing how the technician is assembling his 3D printed test-prosthesis
Credit: Jelca Kollatsch

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