The road to Universal Health-Care


  • €15,999 Budget in Euros
  • 2020 Final release date
  • 6 Round winner
  • 2 Locations

The road to Universal Health-Care

Universal Health Coverage is a simple idea: Everyone should be able to access the health services they need, without suffering financial hardship. However, how can developing countries achieve such a goal?

SDGs commit UN members to worldwide universal health coverage (UHC) by 2030. Consensus considers UHC as the most effective means to improve health in developing countries. However, can they sustain a tax-funded public model? We will find out in Bolivia and Sierra Leone. Bolivia has been trying since March 2019, when enacted its Unified Health System. The government of Sierra Leone has just launched a comprehensive five-year National Action Plan for Health Security, considered the foundation stone for UHC.


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