Medicine and motherhood in crisis


This investigation will provide context to high maternal & infant mortality rates in Sierra Leone. We explore the legacy of the Ebola epidemic, its impact on the country’s health system and what this means for new & expectant mothers.

  • €14,450 Budget in Euros
  • 2020 Final release date
  • 5 Round winner
  • 1 Location

After the Ebola epidemic and decades of institutional neglect - Sierra Leone sits between health and debt crises exacerbated by conditional international loan payments that drive austerity measures. With the arrival of COVID-19, Sierra Leone’s fragile health system has been stretched to its limits.

Women, girls and children are particularly vulnerable during times of crises. We explore why this is the case, with a particular focus on what it’s like to be a new or expectant mother in Sierra Leone.

This project will develop both investigative and character-driven narratives, placing emphasis on local collaboration.

Application title: Young, Pregnant & Punished: mothers and girls in Sierra Leone

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