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Sickle Cell Disease: Will the latest life-changing treatment reach the people who need it most? 6 Germany, Togo, Tunisia
The snakebite emergency Written press 5 Eswatini, Mozambique
How to kill a virus? Radio 5 Afghanistan
Lebanon: bankrupt, destroyed, addicted? Multimedia 5 Lebanon
Let Us See! Television 4 Bolivia, Ethiopia , India
Invisible Governance: A Tale of Filth, Disease and Resistance Radio 4 Ghana
Your Money or your Life? Radio 4 Ethiopia, India
At the Battlefront of Birth Written press 4 Bangladesh, India
Poisonous Lead Written press 4 Nigeria
Sharing the Unbearable Written press 4 Iraq
Fighting Africa‘s Brain Drain Television 2 Cameroon, Germany, Ghana
Prostheses - What Changes Does 3D Technology Bring? Multimedia 2 Germany, Uganda
Tuberculosis In India Radio 2 India
Silicosis - The Silent Killer Investigative journalism 2 India
How Failed Public Healthcare Systems Can Be Replaced Radio 2 Bolivia, Kenya, Tanzania
Measles Eradication Radio 1 Germany, Tanzania
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